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Short Sales Attorney


The short sale process is one that is often used by homeowners who are trying to avoid getting caught up in a foreclosure. In many cases, the homeowner’s financial situation worsens and they are no longer able to keep up with their mortgage payments. In some cases, it does not make financial sense to continue to own a property. Receiving approval from the lender to short sell allows the opportunity to sell property for less than what is owed. This process allows the buyer to avoid foreclosure and stops any future attempts by the lender to collect. Since it is against the law for a real estate agent to dispense legal advice, it is important that you hire an attorney if you have any legal questions. Our short sale lawyer can assist you with this process and answer any questions you may have. We can also ensure that your rights and assets are protected, allowing you to put your ordeal behind you as quickly as possible.

For homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage, or even been served with foreclosure papers, our office provides Foreclosure Defense and Loan Modification services.If you require the assistance of experienced counsel to represent you throughout the short sale process, call the Radow Law Group, P.C. today. We provide our legal services in many locations like Great Neck, Nassau County, Suffolk County and Queens, New York.