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Commercial Transactions


We represent clients in a variety of commercial transactions, including the purchase and sale of businesses and real property, as well as the drafting, review and negotiation of leasing and licensing agreements. In the context of complex commercial transactions, it is essential to have a firm on your side that has the experience to foresee any potential dispute that may arise after the formation of a contract, and negotiate the inclusion of the language necessary to protect your interests. Our wealth of experience in such transactions has made us extremely knowledgeable about the risks and issues which may potentially arise in the future. This knowledge enables us to protect our clients to the greatest extent possible, as well as to properly inform them of any remaining risks prior to closing.

This is especially important, as the law often provides fewer automatic protections for parties in commercial transactions, as it may be assumed that the parties are sophisticated, informed and able to negotiate the terms of their own agreement. Thus, when our firm undertakes drafting, reviewing and negotiating the terms of a contract governing a commercial transaction, we ensure that the provisions included in the contract are legally valid and that the contract will be fully enforceable if problems do arise.

If your business requires the assistance of experienced counsel to represent you in commercial transactions, call the Radow Law Group, P.C. today.