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Trademark Monitoring


Once you obtain trademark registration, you have important rights that you need to protect in order to maintain valid trademark status, and not lose your trademark due to the failure to regularly check for possible infringement. US trademark law requires that trademark owners actively monitor the marketplace and promptly notify others of infringement. Failure to put others on notice can jeopardize or cause you to lose your trademark. At the Radow Law Group, we will assist you in monitoring and protecting your trademark and rights. Radow Law Group’s trademark monitoring services provide a piece of mind at a nominal fee.

We begin monitoring all new trademark filings with the USPTO to ensure no one else attempts to register a same or similar trademark.

We monitor your trademark for any infringing commercial use made by a third party.

We monitor your use of your trademark to ensure you are in compliance with all trademark laws.

We deliver a quarterly report to notify you of any action needed on your trademark and detailing any potential infringement, and also informing you of when your renewal filings are due.

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Stage 2: Monitoring begins on all new trademark filings with the USPTO instead of waiting for them to be published in the Official Gazette. This potentially gives a trademark owner an extra 12 months notice to file his or her Opposition to Registration.

$375 A YEAR