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Copyright Registration


Have you or your company authored/created an original literary, visual, or artistic work? Our copyright lawyer can help ensure that your intellectual property rights are properly secured against any infringement.

By common law, once an author actually fixes the original work of authorship in the tangible medium of expression, copyright protection attaches without doing anything more. However, before your common law rights can be enforced your common law copyright will have to be federally registered with the United States Copyright Office.

Waiting until someone infringes your copyright to obtain a federal registration can prevent you from being awarded any meaningful monetary damages in litigation and oftentimes enforcing your rights under a common law copyright simply becomes uneconomical.

In a litigation context, federal registration is the best way to ensure that if your copyright is infringed you can enforce your rights through monetary remedies. In this regard, federal registration should allow you to recover statutory damages and possibly the costs of a copyright infringement lawsuit, including attorneys’ fees; however, you must obtain the federal registration within a certain period of time for these remedies to apply.

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