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Business Law


A business lawyer is an invaluable asset to any business, even in the absence of litigation. Prior to forming a legal entity for your business, an attorney can provide critical advice regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each possible structure, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporations, or limited liability company. Next, a business lawyer can assist in the drafting and preparation of the necessary documents governing the formation and operation of your business, such as Articles of Incorporation, Corporate By-Laws, Articles of Organization, and LLC Operating Agreements. Having an attorney who is familiar with your business from its inception, including the operation of each provision of its governing documents, can save time and money when assistance is inevitably required down the line. An experienced business attorney can also draft any necessary contracts, such as leases, employment agreements, or sales contracts in a manner that ensures your interests will be protected, and that consistent and predictable enforcement of terms is assured. The business law attorneys at the Radow Law Group are experienced in all of the above, and have worked closely with a variety of successful businesses from their very inception, providing full service and an understanding of each client’s short and long term objectives. Furthermore, our business law attorneys are well versed in intellectual property law, and are well equipped to protect the patent, copyright, and trademark rights of your enterprise.

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Our lawyers take on all types of New York business law matters. Our most popular services include: