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What are the risks of filing for bankruptcy without an attorney

Bankruptcy is an undesirable situation, which often befalls individuals, unfortunately. It is the state in which a party is legally incapable of repaying debts. When a person or an enterprise becomes insolvent, it often sues for a declaration of bankruptcy. As it is a legal matter, it is highly recommended to enlist the services of seasoned pros, such as Bankruptcy Lawyer Nassau County. Alternatively, one can opt for filing the case pro se, which means an attorney is absent.

While going pro se might seem cheap, it has a load of pitfalls. It is a path you do not want to take. A majority of individuals who take up the cases into their hands often make the same mistakes. Such mistakes include:

1. Filing a needless case

Due to misinformation, some people resort to bankruptcy filing before weighing their options. Some debts do not allow bankruptcy as means of writing them off, hence the
need for consultation before filing any case.

2. Registering the wrong Chapter type

The law categories bankruptcy types into different chapters. For a person with limited legal nous, it may pose a challenge to identify the appropriate section correctly. As each section varies, so does the treatment of your property differ. Therefore, your best bet is seeking legal advice.

3. Errors in paperwork

Typically, litigations accompanies with a load of paperwork. Non-specialists are often dumbfounded by the numerous forms involved in the process, ending up confused. This mistake results in the case dismission in the preliminary stages.

Additionally, pro se persons usually inadvertently leave the protection of property clause. This error makes them lose valuables like homes or cars. Visiting an attorney ensures such mistakes are not made.

4. Motions for Adversary

If you are lucky, your bankruptcy filing process should be smooth. After filing, one meets with a group of creditors who listen to their argument. If satisfied, a discharge follows. Nevertheless, some persons face obstacles in their cases. This process is an issue where the filer is prose, as they do not possess the legal knowledge to assist them in avoiding tough scenarios. For example, the registrants may not be verse with laws that can hinder discharge.

With that, individuals can always acquaint themselves with the relevant law if they decide to go as prose. In some counties, law courts and the judicial system offer free classes where an attorney informs interested parties of the entire procedure. Other means such as brochures and websites are also used to convey the education.
However, bankruptcy is a touchy subject. If you were to file without an attorney and you, for instance, end up losing property, which would be adding salt to the wound. To avert such cries, soliciting the service of experts like Bankruptcy Lawyer Nassau County would come in handy. It may seem to be a risky investment, especially at first but it is well worth in the end. The results will justify the cost of the process, eventually. Remember, quality is not expensive, it is priceless. To know more about your defenses against these risks, get in touch with our professionals today!