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Know the difference between a lease, rental agreement and a month-to-month tenancy

If you are planning on renting you must know the difference between a lease, a rental agreement and a month to month tenancy.These are 3 different types of contracts which state the terms at the time of rental.These contracts are made between the landlord and the renter. Both parties agree upon a set price and amount of time the renter can be at the property along with any terms or conditions that are present at the time of rental. A Suffolk county landlord tenant lawyer offers all information regarding these concerns.

A lease is a contract which you must sign if you wish to lease a property.These contracts usually extend for about 12 months.The lessee can not leave the property within those 12 months.If the lessee decides to leave they will be breaking the contract.The landlord of the property also can not ask you to vacate the property within those 12 months as this is stated in the contract.The price which you agree on at the time of signing the lease may not be changed. Also any terms or conditions agreed on cannot be changed.Once the lease expires the lessee has the choice to leave or sign another lease.

A rental agreement is a contract between the tenant and the landlord.These are usually in shorter terms than a lease and can come in agreements that end every month.These contracts also have a set price and set time period the tenant must be in the property.The tenant may not leave until the contract agreed upon has expired. Since these are short term contracts they expire faster than a lease.The landlord may not change anything as long as the contract is active. Once the contract expires the landlord can alter terms and conditions they may also raise the rent or ask you to vacate. If you wish to remain in the property once your rental agreement has expired you must enter a new agreement.

A month to month tenancy is the most basic form of agreement. In these types of agreements you pay as you go. You pay the rent and have the right to be in the property for the month paid. Since these agreements can be oral as well as written the landlord can raise the rent at any time. The landlord may also change the terms and conditions freely. Since there is no set time period for which the tenant must remain in the property they may leave whenever they want. if the landlord wishes to evict you they can do so but they must give you a notice 30 days or 60 days in advance.

Whether you are planning to rent for a short period of time or longer you must enter an agreement with the landlord. A lease can be used if you want security that the terms and conditions along with the rent remains the same.The month to month tenancy agreement happens when the tenant does not know how long they will be renting the property. Whatever your concern may be a Suffolk county landlord tenant lawyer can help.

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