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Four Times You Need An Eviction Attorney

Eviction attorney Nassau County services are vital to your defense when you run across a case that is out of your control. You must have a lawyer on your side who will help you through the case, and you must ask them often how they plan to manage your case. This article takes you through four cases that you may resolve with the help of an attorney, and you will avoid the eviction that someone is attempting to foist on you.

#1: Subleasing

Subleasing is a common practice, but it may get you into trouble if you have a tenant who is not paying you properly. You may have a perfectly-legal subleasing contract, but you may be the person is evicted when you do not have a reliable tenant. You must ask your attorney to go to court with you, and they will help explain to the court the agreement you had with your subleasing tenant.

#2: Improper Payment Structure

You may be stuck in a position where your landlord is not charging your rent properly. They may have chosen to change the terms of your lease without your consent. You must take them to court to show that they are in the wrong, and the court will find in your favour when they see that the landlord is not acting in good faith. You must have a lawyer present to ensure that there is no confusion about the nature of your case.

#3: Improper Renewals

There are many instances in which renewals of leases are done improperly, and you may be stuck in a lease that you want nothing to do with. The problem with these issues is that you must prove that you did not intend to renew the lease. You may do so when you go to court with your lawyer, and they will help explain that your landlord did not gain your consent before they renewed your lease.

#4: Disability And Special Needs Claims

There are quite a few times when you cannot be evicted because you fall into a protected class. You must ensure that you take your landlord to court because they cannot kick you out of your home without following the proper procedures. You may not be evicted because you are unable to pay when you have a pending disability case, and you must have your lawyer go before the court to explain the nature of your situation. You have now involved two different systems in government that must work with each other, and your lawyer will help coordinate the two as part of defending you.

You may hire a lawyer from a reliable company like Radow Law Group in a case when you are in the middle of an eviction case, and they will help you understand how to protect yourself from the eviction in each instance. You will allow your lawyer to do the majority of the work for you, and they will help represent your position when you have been wrongly placed in the position of an evicted or delinquent tenant.