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What does Catastrophic injury entails

Catastrophic injuries are injuries that may cause life changing implications for the victims. The injury usually creates complications and difficulties for the victims in their normal day to day activities.. These injuries are typically permanent, which makes the adjustment to them very difficult and lengthy for the victims. The injured victim may not (in most cases) be able to return to their work duties to simply sustain their costs of ease of living. This is one reason why it is very important to have your claim heard by a professional Nassau County Personal Injury Lawyer, with years of experience in these matters.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries are beyond just fractured bones. They can be or include severe burns, head trauma, paralysis, dismemberment, blindness, deafness, and spine or spinal cord injuries.

For example, a victim with spinal injuries may require the use of a wheelchair for the rest of their life. A wheelchair bound victim will have difficulties accessing locations that are not handicap accessible. A victim of blindness may require the use of a canine companion for assistance with navigation in their daily routes. Whereas, the individual may not originally have wanted a canine in their company for an extensive period of time. A head trauma victim may have lost a significant amount or part of their memory, or have permanent memory issues. This could lead to psychological depression and other mental health issues.

These serious injuries could lead to lifelong medical treatments. These could be extensive visits to a hospital, doctor appointments, use of medications, need of high tech medical equipments, surgery, surgery complications, or even mental and physical therapy sessions. Death could also be the result of a catastrophic injury, or the medical complications that arise after negligent treatment. You can probably understand how adjustment to these injuries must be for the victims.

There are hundreds of causes for these types of catastrophic injuries. With the most common being vehicular collisions, like car or truck accidents. Others could include, but not limited to: violent assault attacks from other people or animals, slip and fall accidents, sports accidents, industrial environments, or construction sites.

Relief for the Victim
A skilled Nassau County Personal Injury Lawyer can and will assist their client victims in any such case. The right Personal Injury Lawyer understands the high importance of the case and relates to the sensitivity of the client victim comprehensively. Knowing considerably that the injured client may not be able to continue their work needed to sustain the victim’s life with little burden. A great Personal Injury Lawyer dedicates countless time to achieve the expectations and satisfaction of the injured client victim’s case. To know more about your rights in relation with catastrophic injuries, get in touch with us!