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4 Social Media tips for New York personal injury plaintiffs

Communication modes have changed over time. Hard copies are rarely used. Online platforms of communication are much more friendly and flexible. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are used primarily to socialize, connect with fields and family. Mobile applications and professional platforms such as LinkedIn are other areas where people exchange information.

The online profiles that you have created can be used in a court of law as evidence against you by a lawyer any time you are involved in a legal battle say a divorce case. Your activity on social media should be minimized or shut down until your case is over. Simple things like commenting on a friend’s posts or updating a smiley or a sad face can be interpreted in a million ways and can injure your case. Note that emails too can be subpoenaed by a judge and be thoroughly scrutinized to serve as evidence.

Below is a list of tips that will help you get through the period with less pressure.

1. Go off social media completely

This may sound very hard for many people, but it is a right course. Your Great Neck NY Car Accident Lawyer will tell you the same. You will lose contact with your friends and family, but it will help you avoid incriminating yourself. If being off is a big problem, then think thoroughly before posting anything on Facebook, Myspace or before you tweet. Make sure that the comments you make on your friends’ pages are not biased in any way. Don’t express your anger or excitement on the platforms. Do not reveal emotions.

2. Check your privacy setting

Do not make it so easy for the lawyers to see what you post or what your close friends are saying about you on social media. Change the privacy setting, deny any person that is not your friend access to any of your posts.

3. Monitor what your acquaintances are posting

Your friends may sell you out unintentionally if they post something that contradicts your statements. This happens very often in Divorce cases. You fail to disclose your financial position then your buddies post on Facebook about an overseas trip that you are going to sponsor. Or your new lover posts an expensive ride that you bought them. This will undoubtedly harm your case. Let your loved ones know that their activities can hurt you.

4. Take a look at old posts and photos

If any of your past social media activity can be used against you, bring it down. Or deactivate the account altogether. Some of the things that can harm your case could be photos that you are tagged on by your friends. Ask your friends to bring the photos down or untag yourself to help ease your situation.
If you must share some information, make it face to face. It is wise to hire a great lawyer or a law firm like the Great Neck NY Car Accident Lawyer for legal counsel. Always remember that any online activity or documents exchanged can be accessed by the courts. The policy can search your personal computer even without a subpoena as long as there is probable cause. To know more about personal injury cases, get in touch with us!